When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Rome really is the most beautiful city you will ever visit, just watch “La Dolce Vita” and you’ll see what I mean. Everywhere you look there is some amazing piece of architecture or a beautiful fountain, it makes most other European cities look grim in comparison.


I visited for a few days back in July and was in my element! I spent my whole visit drinking wine, eating great food and exploring different parts of the city.


Travelling to Rome

Flying to Rome is easy enough, You can fly from London for just £39.98 but this means flying with Ryanair.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 11.27.09.png

Getting to and from the airport was the hardest part of the whole trip. In hindsight, I should have planned my transfers much better. I ended up getting quite frustrated figuring out the trains into the city. After throwing a tantrum, I hopped into a cab which cost €50. With better planning, it is possible to arrange a return car to and from the airport for about €80.

Hotel Artemide

This hotel is in a great location, just a short walk away from restaurants, shops and the famous Trevi Fountain. We’d booked a Junior Suite which had cost about £450 per night and was worth every penny. The staff were fantastic, the food was great and the hotel had an amazing rooftop bar!


As for the room itself, the suite had a separate living room (with a fully loaded mini bar), a bedroom and a massive bathroom. The suite even had its own private balcony overlooking the Via Nazionale. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone thinking of travelling to Rome. The rooms are absolutely beautiful and you won’t be disappointed.

We paid an additional €15 for access to the spa which had a great jacuzzi/pool. If you want to feel even more chilled, there is a great range of spa treatments you can choose from.

Santa Marinella

Rome in the mid July is an absolute scorcher. It was about 32 degrees, which is the perfect temperature for hitting the beaches that surround the city. I woke up early one morning and travelled to the main station, where I caught a train to Santa Marinella. Santa Marinella is a beautiful seaside commune with its own medieval castle, overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea.


It costs €9.60 for a return and is a good 2 hours travel but is totally worth it when the weather’s good. Here you can easily spend a day sunning yourself, swimming in the sea and drinking large bottles of Peroni, which can be purchased from the beach bar for less than €3.


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